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  1. Jedi Master Jado Umfada says:

    Name: Jado Umfada
    Height: 6′ 3″
    Side: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi master
    What is he: He is a native human from Naboo
    Lightsabers: He has a blue lightsaber with a green shoto lightsaber
    Backstory: He was found to be force sensitive when he was 3 on Naboo by Ki adi mundi and was trained in the temple. He exceeded faster then most and was sent to Ki adi mundi when he was 14 to be his padawan. He exceeded to knighthood quickly and after his efforts on Geonosis, he was quickly promoted to master. Similar to Qui gon jinn, he was not put on the council because he was a very interesting thinker. He was on a ship with no clones within who even knows the distance when order 66 was executed and when he went back to the temple on Coruscant, he saw Obi Wan and Yoda fighting of the clones, and because of when he got there, he thought just some rogue clones went mental and Obi Wan and Yoda were just killing them. When he got the message not to back to the temple, he went into hiding. When Luke Skywalker created the new Jedi Order, he quickly joined back and was promoted to being on the council and to the rank of Grand Master. He was against kicking Luke out of the order, but he was overruled. He actually helped Luke get back into the order.

  2. Jedi Master Yuki (Refuses to give up Last Name) says:

    Name: Yuki
    Height: 5′ 1″
    Side: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Master
    What is he: Currently unknown, as even he doesn’t know
    Lightsabers: He has a Blue and Green Z-Saber.
    Backstory: He was created by Emperor Palputine to be the ultimate Sith Lord, but escaped from his capsule and went on a rampage, when he was found on the planet Naboo, he didn’t know anything except his name. He was found by Luke Skywalker, and was raised in as a Jedi for his entire life, he is a master with a lightsaber, but mainly uses his Z-Saber, a Lightsaber with a Green Triangular Edged Blade. He didn’t need training in a fighting style, as he was created with one. He is a very powerful and quick fighter, but can be angered quickly, which boosts his abilities, but he may lose control. He defeated many deadly Jedi’s and Siths like Luke and Anakin at the same time, defeated Yoda on his own, and even blocked and absorbed Palputine’s lightning, and defeated Palputine very very quickly.

  3. Empress Aéra says:

    Basic Information-
    Name: Empress (Darth) Aéra
    Age: 28 years
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mirialan
    Home World: Mirial
    Physical Characteristics-
    Skin Color: a light yellow-green
    Hair Color: black
    Eye Color: a brownish-gray
    Height: 5’5″
    Bodily Markings: Because she’s a Mirialan, she dons the trademark tatoos of her kind. She has wing-like markings that begin at her eyes and stretch out to the half way point of her temples. From there, small rhombuses go down across her cheekbones and over her nose, connecting the two wings. She has three, slightly larger rhombuses that begin at her bottom lip and go down to the end of her chin. On her right shoulder, she has a tatoo of the Imperial symbol.
    Emotional Characteristics-
    Love Interest: Zyro Kahnota
    Lover/Spouse: Zyro Kahnota
    Personality: Aéra is a very dark and evil character. She will tourture others to get what she wants and shows almost no mercy. She rarely trusts others to get the job done themselves, so she often engages in battles against the Rebellion instead of letting her army do it alone. She is very angry and hateful, and never lets anyone other than Zyro know what is going on with herself or anything about her past. She does, however, have a hidden soft side. Shown only to Zyro himself, Aéra can be forgiving and loving. She is fiercely protective once she cares enough about you and will kill anyone who attempts to hurt those she cares about.
    Other Relationships-
    Father: Adon Skel
    Mother: Talyda Skel
    Brother(s): Sadine Skel
    Sister(s): None
    Mentors: Grai Solus, Darth Vader
    Darth Aéra began as a Jedi, being found force sensitive on her home world Mirial when she was just 2 years old. Her name wae Eeroni Skel. She was extremely in tuned with the force and excelled quickly. She became apprenticized to Jedi Master Solus at the age of 11, who already had another Padawan, Zyro Kahnota. Zyro wasn’t as skilled with a lightsaber or as knowledgeable in the force as Eeroni. Solus began to make her the example, causing Zyro to become more jealous and Eeroni to become more cocky. The two Padawans had always had a grudging relationship and Solus’ comstant let-downs didn’t help. Eventually, Zyro and Eeroni began growing closer and Eeroni was standing up for Zyro against their master. But Eeroni’s anger and hatred towards Solus was dangerous. Solus sensed it, and when he accused her of turning to the Dark Side during training, her anger bubbled over the top. She killed Solus and her and Zyro ran away from the Jedi order. Eeroni went into hiding and Zyro became a pilot, the two separating. After the Jedi Holocaust, Eeroni set out for Darth Vader, wanting to become his apprentice. He accepted and she took on the name of Darth Aéra. Zyro enlisted into the Galactic Empire. After the death of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Aéra took over the Empire as the Empress. Zyro worked up in ranking until he became Supreme Commander of his fleet and they ran into each other again. Their relationship grew closer until they fell in love. She keeps a very tight grip on her Empire and doesn’t allow anyplace for slip ups.

  4. Trash Boat says:

    There is an add in the way so I cant play

    • Azahi says:

      Hi Trash Boat,

      wait the 5 seconds of ads and then press the “Skip” button in the top right corner of the game.

      Long live to Rigby!!!!

  5. DARK VOID says:

    name:DARK VOID
    skin color:grey
    eye color:red
    side:sith(was a jedi)
    rank:sith lord(was jedi knight)
    lightsaber: black and white
    backstory:he trained by yoda he was so powerful he was very near to be a jedi master but yoda sayed to him that he can’t be a jedi master. dark void attacked yoda and pushed him at a star destroyer then the star destroyer exploded with yoda.then he made his way to darth sidious then palpatine blelieved that dark void will be a good sith warrior then palpatine trained dark void. palpatine thinked hat dark void will kill him then sidious tryed to kill dark void but dark void sensed that sidious want to kill him then he blocked the lighting and make he lightning go back at palpatine then sidious gets shocked then dark void pushed palpatine into the core of the death star then the death star exploded but dark void escaped then dark void become the sith emperor and lord and he wanted to kill all the jedi but anakin was going to win aginst dark void but dark void stabed anakin in the heart and killed luke and anakin but obi wan escaped but he found by stormtroppers and asajj ventress was near to kill dark void but he killed her then he ordered to kill all the jedis in all the galactic.but his right hand count dooku betreated him by stopping his orders and ruin his palns. the dark void killed dooku then he make a new space staion and nammed it the black hole.then he took over the empire and rebels and be came the galactice Emperor.

  6. master leker says:

    Name:Master Leker
    Skin Color:fair
    Eye Color:Black
    Rank:jedi master
    Weapon:blue lightsaber and gun
    backstory:he trained by yoda then he was a jedi master yoda tell to him you are a good jedi master he see a sith but he don’t know who is he then he attacked him the sith is darth sion
    master leker attack him then they are fight and leker killed him and 10000000000 droid come to kill him but he escaped he tell to yoda this then leker go to the death star and he sneak to darth sidious throne and he throw darth sidious and his throne in the space and darth sidious say aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh and all the galactic hear him then all the people say he is dammit and leker throw vader at starkiller then starkiller and vader fight then vader stabs starkiller and starkiller death then leker kills vader and greivous come to revenge then leker fight greivous and then leker kills greivous then darth bane come and stabs leker but leker survive and takedown darth bane then kai adi mundi come to help leker to kill the 1000000000 droids then kai adi mundi and leker call all the jedis then all the jedis kill the 10000000000 droids then ashoka anakin and leker find an object then ashoka touch this object and the object explode BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM BUT THEY SURVIVE then kazdan made and he try to kill leker then leker kill kazdan and this is the story

  7. sith lord dayala says:

    Name:Darth dayala
    Powers:force lightning and use the force to pain the neck
    Lightsaber:Pink lightsaber
    Height 12’9″
    Eye Color:Cyborg Red (was green)
    Hair color:Black (was yellow)
    Skin color:white
    Heart Color:Pink
    What Was she:she is an dathomirian (was human) how she turn to a dathomirian: there is a potion fall on she homeworld:Chiristophis
    Rank:Sith lord aka darth
    BackStory:she trained by darth raven and she see a super biggest ship then she shocks the ship with pink lightning and the ship turned to a pink lovely ship but dayla go in the ship and she found a jedis kidnapped a sith she knocks out the jedis and she rescue the sith the sith is darth Raven he say to she kill Yoda and Obi wan kenobi and anakin she say i am never kill then order 66 is begin then all the rebels and all the empires fight and dayala sneak and kill a clone trooper with flower and yoda say really a clone trooper death with a flower IT IS TOO CRAZY then dayala say the jedies never be stromgest than the sith

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