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  1. Jedi Master Jado Umfada says:

    Name: Jado Umfada
    Height: 6′ 3″
    Side: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi master
    What is he: He is a native human from Naboo
    Lightsabers: He has a blue lightsaber with a green shoto lightsaber
    Backstory: He was found to be force sensitive when he was 3 on Naboo by Ki adi mundi and was trained in the temple. He exceeded faster then most and was sent to Ki adi mundi when he was 14 to be his padawan. He exceeded to knighthood quickly and after his efforts on Geonosis, he was quickly promoted to master. Similar to Qui gon jinn, he was not put on the council because he was a very interesting thinker. He was on a ship with no clones within who even knows the distance when order 66 was executed and when he went back to the temple on Coruscant, he saw Obi Wan and Yoda fighting of the clones, and because of when he got there, he thought just some rogue clones went mental and Obi Wan and Yoda were just killing them. When he got the message not to back to the temple, he went into hiding. When Luke Skywalker created the new Jedi Order, he quickly joined back and was promoted to being on the council and to the rank of Grand Master. He was against kicking Luke out of the order, but he was overruled. He actually helped Luke get back into the order.

  2. Jedi Master Yuki (Refuses to give up Last Name) says:

    Name: Yuki
    Height: 5′ 1″
    Side: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Master
    What is he: Currently unknown, as even he doesn’t know
    Lightsabers: He has a Blue and Green Z-Saber.
    Backstory: He was created by Emperor Palputine to be the ultimate Sith Lord, but escaped from his capsule and went on a rampage, when he was found on the planet Naboo, he didn’t know anything except his name. He was found by Luke Skywalker, and was raised in as a Jedi for his entire life, he is a master with a lightsaber, but mainly uses his Z-Saber, a Lightsaber with a Green Triangular Edged Blade. He didn’t need training in a fighting style, as he was created with one. He is a very powerful and quick fighter, but can be angered quickly, which boosts his abilities, but he may lose control. He defeated many deadly Jedi’s and Siths like Luke and Anakin at the same time, defeated Yoda on his own, and even blocked and absorbed Palputine’s lightning, and defeated Palputine very very quickly.

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Game Info: Star Wars character creator

Come play the most fun Star Wars character creator Game where you desing and create your very own Star Wars character.

In this Star Wars character creator, you can create your own Star Wars character and equip it with the most amazing skills and abilities that may exist in the entire Star Wars universe.

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How to Play:

In this Star Wars character creator game you must:

  • Use mouse to play the game

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