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Game Info: Regular Show 3D Games – Knit Wits

Come play the best Regular Show 3D Games in which Eileen is throwing an awesome Christmas sweater party, and everybody’s invited, including Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips, Pops, Benson, High Five Ghost and other friends.

In these Regular Show 3D Games: Knit Wits, you must be careful! If any of the guests of the Eileen’s “Christmas sweater party” run into anybody wearing the same sweater, things are gonna get awkward. Keep the party going as long as you can.

Regular Show 3D Games begins with Eileen standing at the entrance of every level, and every time she hears a knock at the door, she lets the guest in. One crucial thing to remember is the sweater that specific character is wearing. Every 15-20 seconds, a new guest will come, and Eileen will let that person in, either wearing a different sweater or a sweater one of the other characters is wearing already.

When a new guest comes into the party, a bubble will be seen floating over that character’s head, signaling that character’s main interest. You will get more points by sending them to their desired location. However, if a character with the same sweater is already at that location, it is best to send them elsewhere until the coast is clear. Once that character is done at that location, another bubble floats over the character’s head with a different icon.

If two characters wearing the same sweater come close to each other, some electricity crackles can be seen connecting to the two characters, signaling the warning. The crackles will start with yellow if its meager, then orange if neutral, then red if in danger. If the two characters make complete contact with each other, Muscle Man will yell out “Awkward!”, and the characters will be seen leaving the party, ending the game.

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How to Play:

In these Regular Show 3D Games - Knit Wits you must:

  • Use mouse to play