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Game Info: Gumball games for kids | Recipe Run

Come play the best Gumball games for kids: Recipe Run in which you can play with Gumball Watterson and help him to win the heart of Penny. You can also find games for divertirtirte Gumball with the other characters in this cartoon as Darwin Watterson, Anais Watterson, Nicole Jennifer Watterson and Richard Watterson, among others. Also, you can play other Gumball games for kids online, the amazing world of gumball games for kids, and more free Gumball games.

In this amazing Gumball game for kids | Recipe Run, Gumball cooked up a meal for Anais. To deliver it to her, he needs to chase her through a crowded hallway littered with obstacles while also staying ahead of an angry mob of classmates that is chasing him for some reason.

As you chase Anais through the hallway, there are several different obstacles to look out for. Most are classmates that happen to be in the hallway. Gumball must either jump or duck to dodge them, depending on how high the obstacle is (jump if the obstacle is on the ground, duck if it’s flying at him in midair). To jump, you must click and drag the mouse up. To duck and slide, you must click and drag the mouse down. In addition to this, Darwin may be tagged in every once in a while. Calling him in provides temporary immunity to obstacles. Gumball may still jump to collect food items that are in mid air.

We hope you had fun with this great game. Find the best free Gumball games for kids Recipe Run among our games suggested below the flash game.


How to Play:

In this Online Gumball games for kids Recipe Run you must:

  • Use mouse to swipe