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Game Info: Gumball Battle Bowlers Game

Come play Gumball Battle Bowlers Game in which an average day at the bowling alley turns into an alien invasion.

In this Gumball Battle Bowlers Game, it’s up to Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to save the world! Launch bowling balls to smash alien pin creatures. Unleash awesome attacks to take down the alien kingpin!

The object of Gumball Battle Bowlers Game is to knock down all the mutant pins with the bowling ball. The game plays in the style of an arcade shooter. There is one screen in which the player moves around in as pins of varying size and strength approach from every angle.

The main attack is throwing the bowling ball in the direction the mouse is pointing, accomplished by clicking the mouse. When the bowling ball is thrown, the player must retreive it in order to throw it again. The bowling ball, when thrown, rebounds off the edges of the screen, allowing the player to take out multiple enemies with one throw by angling throws correctly.

The special attack is a stomp that destroys everything in a circular area centered on the character, accomplished by hitting the spacebar. There is a cooldown of about twenty seconds after using this attack, however. The player may still use the bowling ball and run around as the special attack cools down. The player may use the special attack even if the bowling ball is not in their possession.

If a mutant pin touches the character, they will lose one heart. Losing all hearts results in a loss. However, the player may repeat the level an unlimited number of times.

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Gumball Battle Bowlers Game

How to Play:

In this Gumball Battle Bowlers Game you must:

  • Use A, S, D and W keys to move
  • Use mouse to attack
  • Press Spacebar to stomp