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Game Info: Adventure Time Battle Party

Come play Adventure Time Battle Party, a game in which Princess Bubblegum is throwing a royal bash! But this isn’t just any party; it’s Adventure Time Battle Party where you can have a lot of action!

In Adventure Time Battle Party, you must choose your champion, then team up with friends for frantic 3-on-3 battles. Fight as your favorite Adventure Time heroes and villains, like Finn, Jake, BMO, Ice King, PB, LSP, Marceline, Flame Princess, Lich King, Fionna, Peppermint Butler, and more. Test your skills in the multiplayer online battle arena.

After being matched with two teammates and three opponents, players are taken to the champion selection screen. There, they must each select a character and a backpack. The choice of character will determine the player’s stats, attack range, passive ability, and powers, while the choice of backpack determines which Battle Junk is available to the player. Battle Junk can be upgraded with skill points earned by levelling up in order to increase the champion’s stats. Each team may only have one of each character, but the same character may appear on both teams.

Once everyone has chosen their champion and their backpack, they spawn in the battle arena. The battle arena consists of two base areas on each end of the map, connected to each other by two lanes, the top and bottom lanes. In the middle of the map, there is a jungle area which contains neutral monsters that can be fought for extra points and experience.

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Adventure Time Battle Party

How to Play:

In Adventure Time Battle Party you must:

  • Use mouse to play the game